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06.10.2020 Sting My Songs Palace of sports
25.07.2020 Max Korzh Odesa, Chernomorets Stadium
15.12.2020 MUMIY TROLL International Exhibition Center
08.12.2020 Apparat + Telefon Tel Aviv ICCA OCTOBER PALACE
25.10.2020 Editors Stereo Plaza
26.11.2020 DakhaBraha OCTOBER PALACE
09.12.2020 LP
Palace of sports
02.12.2020 The Neighborhood Palace of sports

Festival is a little life

Odessa Classic: Yen Han Ballet Company Zurich NEW DATE 10 August 19:00, Mon Odessa Classic: Yen Han Ballet Company Zurich Odesa, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater from 1.67 EUR Odessa Classic: Yen Han Ballet Company Zurich Don't wish 10 August Odessa Classic: Yen Han Ballet Company Zurich Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Buy Courage Ticket! 23 May 12:00, Sat Courage Ticket! Kyiv, VDNH from 3.33 EUR Courage Ticket! Don't wish 23 May Courage Ticket! VDNH Buy OPEN AIR : Pirate Island New date 12 September 21:00, Sat OPEN AIR : Pirate Island Kyiv, Secret place from 9.97 EUR OPEN AIR : Pirate Island Don't wish 12 September OPEN AIR : Pirate Island Secret place Buy UPARK 2021 UPARK 2021 3 Events UPARK 2021 9.07 - 19.07.2021

Events in Mykolayiv

Morphine suffering Morphine suffering 12 Events Morphine suffering обмін квитків 19.03 - 31.10.2020 RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! 14 Events RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! 11.04 - 11.09.2020 Odyn v kanoe New date 03 June 19:00, Wed Odyn v kanoe Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 8.33 EUR Odyn v kanoe Don't wish 03 June Odyn v kanoe Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy «Жіночий Квартал» 02 November 19:00, Mon «Жіночий Квартал» Mykolaiv, from 6.67 EUR «Жіночий Квартал» Don't wish 02 November «Жіночий Квартал» Buy Tіn Sontsya Event rescheduled 21 November 19:00, Sat Tіn Sontsya Mykolaiv, Dead Rabbit from 5 EUR Tіn Sontsya Don't wish 21 November Tіn Sontsya Dead Rabbit Buy

Nationwide shows

Patti Smith & Tony Shanahan 29 August 19:00, Sat Patti Smith & Tony Shanahan Kyiv, Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater from 26.33 EUR Patti Smith & Tony Shanahan Don't wish 29 August Patti Smith & Tony Shanahan Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater Buy Ludovico Einaudi 22 September 20:00, Tue Ludovico Einaudi Kyiv, National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" from 33.27 EUR Ludovico Einaudi Don't wish 22 September Ludovico Einaudi National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" Buy Enter shikari 02 October 19:00, Fri Enter shikari Kyiv, Bingo from 26.67 EUR Enter shikari Don't wish 02 October Enter shikari Bingo Buy Sting My Songs 06 October 19:00, Tue Sting My Songs Kyiv, Palace of sports from 36.33 EUR Sting My Songs Don't wish 06 October Sting My Songs Palace of sports Buy Asking Alexandria 17 October 20:00, Sat Asking Alexandria Kyiv, Stereo Plaza Don't wish 17 October Asking Alexandria Stereo Plaza Buy Editors New date 25 October 20:00, Sun Editors Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 43 EUR Editors Don't wish 25 October Editors Stereo Plaza Buy Machine Head 06 November 19:00, Fri Machine Head Kyiv, Stereo Plaza from 36.33 EUR Machine Head Don't wish 06 November Machine Head Stereo Plaza Buy