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German circus Black and White German circus Black and White 39 Events German circus Black and White 22.02 - 21.04.2019 White acacia White acacia 1 Event White acacia 13.03 - 13.03.2019 Guys don't dance striptease Guys don't dance striptease 5 Events Guys don't dance striptease 24.02 - 07.03.2019 Theater of the ears. My best spring break 01 March 19:00, Fri Theater of the ears. My best spring break Kyiv, House of Cinema from 8.79 EUR Theater of the ears. My best spring break Don't wish 01 March Theater of the ears. My best spring break House of Cinema Buy

To study the actual poster of Odessa theaters and enjoy an exquisite performance in your favorite city by the sea - an excellent idea for leisure.

Representations and locations for every taste are waiting for their audience. And that you do not choose, whether it's the Odessa Regional Philharmonic or the Ukrainian Theater, Russian, Young Spectator or Musical Comedy - you will not be disappointed.

The audience, the interior decoration of the interior, the actors' play and the depth of each dialogue, outfits and decorations, musical accompaniment and acoustics in general. A special atmosphere on the stage is created thanks to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of details, which you do not even think about.

Despite the many modern high-tech shows, theater art is still one of the most touching and impressive entertainment. The sold out in the halls, the quickly bought up tickets in the theaters of Odessa - to that confirmation.

For kids, too, an individual portion of magic is provided.For example, the House of Clowns or the Puppet Theater are always open to new spectators, and indulge their visitors with interesting performances.

Genres of theatrical art will satisfy even the most demanding spectator:

  • comedy;
  • drama;
  • tragedy;
  • operetta;
  • musical;
  • ballet;
  • opera;
  • vaudeville;
  • mystery;
  • buffoonery.

Odessa theaters are a great alternative to the concert. If you live here - make hikes in the theater a pleasant tradition. Come on vacation? Turn it into a great event!After all, the holiday does not start from the first minute of the actors' play, but much earlier. C anticipation of the event. With a pleasant expectation of the cherished date, when you can for a while completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and remain alone with art.

On our site you can easily see the schedule of theaters in Odessa, look at the location of seats in the halls and get acquainted with the cost and availability of tickets of all categories. The exact dates, times, and also addresses are attached.

Queues at the box office - in the past. Leave precious time for friends and family, and choose a performance for the soul and issue tickets wisely put online. It's fast, comfortable and reliable. Buying on our site ensures that you will be on an event, and the places you choose will be waiting for you only.

And if you suddenly have questions or need advice - just write or call the support service Concert.ua. Our managers will gladly share feedback, orient in the assortment and help make the right choice.

Of course, the loud announcements and premieres, as well as the legendary stories of world classics, loved by several generations - tickets are bought up with great speed. We recommend planning your cultural leisure in advance and choosing the best places in the hall.

The repertoire of Odessa theaters, the proud sights of Ukraine, is rich and varied, and emotions after a long-awaited performance - crowd the spectators. Tickets as a gift for a loved one are the perfect choice.

See you in the auditorium!