One-act ballet evening

19 December 2019, Thu. 20:00
Theater "Suzirya" Kyiv, st. Yaroslavov Val 14B
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from 11.67 EUR
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About event

Why visit?

1. Two unique cross-sectoral performances in the performance of the only ballet in Ukraine, combining in its performances opera with deep house music, sculpture and painting and modern ballet.
2. Destroying the usual framework of perception of ballet performance, OSDC uses explosive copyright solutions.
3. Deep-House Symphony (you won't let Shazam out of your hands, but you won't find anything, because every sound and bit is invented, uniquely created for the OSDC explosive show) and an opera performed by our fragile and incredibly beautiful prima Daria Mykolenko.

December 12 at the Kiev Conservatory stage a unique event from OSDC Dance Theater - two performances that will change your idea of the theater! Yes, the OSDCs have revolutionized.

Who we are:

OSDC is a modern-day ballet theater that impresses with the sharpness of the directing, the aesthetic movements of sophisticated bodies and the sensuality of the artists. It's so hard to believe when it comes to ballet, but their performances are really avant-garde.
Production Director: Olesya Shlyakhtich.
The project was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund in 2019 as part of the Debuts LOT.

About performances:

ACT 1: Catechism is a unique color-kinetic performance on the border of theater, art, music and ballet genres, combining three dimensions of art - color, movement and sound. The nine choreographic novels represent the continuity of steps in the search, formation and growth of personality and gradually open to the viewer a veil of a particular religion - belief in the power of art. Each choreo-novella is a lively work of art, and their combination is a continuity of steps in the search and formation of personality. Catechism is a gallery show. You seem to be stepping on it, and the images of Ukrainian artists' paintings come to life: Vladyslav Sheryshevsky, Vyacheslav Snisarenko, Dariya Zaseda, Oleg Pinchuk, Ruslan Naida.

For the first time, artists tell how masterpieces are created. The scene of the painting is the consciousness, and the subconscious in the movements and eyes of the artists, who boldly and honestly talk about weaknesses, temptations, victories, doubts and fears.

ACT 2: Alien Letters is a spectacle experiment, a true drama in choreography. A sensual story of love and betrayal - His with the Other, Her with other people's letters in her hands. How difficult it is to build a world for only two and how easy it is to destroy it.

The problem of preserving one's own space in relationships with loved ones comes to the fore. The issue of trust, as if a radioactive compound, colorlessly poisons existence. This is a performance about the need to keep yourself in love when you are most vulnerable! Why on stage a bath? We always wear masks in life for family, loved ones, friends, strangers. Only in the bathroom do all the socialization robes disappear, and we are exposed to the last fiber of the soul. Bath is the inner world of the heroine. The performance finale is open. The enamored and betrayed heroes decide for themselves how the performance will end ... If the feelings between the artists were truly genuine, without a shadow of falsehood or lies, they will forgive each other. However, if the dance was just a technical set of moves and the touch was empty, one of them would go away. Only two know what it really was.