2nd Festival A short meter about love

27 May 2020, Wed. 21:00
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About event

For fans of feature films - from 21:00 to 00:00, according to the link, in the mode of online viewing - the second collection of short films ABOUT LOVE will be shown.

The number of spectators is limited to 100

The link will be sent on the day of viewing at 20:45 to the e-mail of all those who have purchased the right to view from the ticket operator.

2nd Festival " SHORT METER about LOVE"

Age: 16+

Language: Voiced in Ukrainian

Duration: 1:15

Genre: Comedy, romantic comedy, melodrama, drama, science fiction, animation

Production: USA, Great Britain, India

Love is a complex category, often not clear, but always beautiful!

Love enchants, excites, pushes to majestic or senseless deeds, calls to the road, forces to determine life priorities and twists everything into complex fascinating plots… Several such interesting stories - in the second collection of the Festival "SHORT METER about KOVHAN".

The festival program includes 7 films of various genres, which have 24 awards of prestigious international film festivals, including: East Anglia Short Showcase, Colchester FF, GSF Awards, MedFF, FICOCC, Chain NYC FF, Indie Fest USA IFF, Manhattan FF, The IndieFest Film Awards , Trinity IFF, US, NewFilmmakers New York, Ridgewood Guild IFF, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences College Television Awards, BAFTA / LA Student Film Awards, Paris Art and Movie Awards, Roma Cinema Doc, Seattle Shorts FF, Student Academy Awards, USA .


Genre: Romantic Comedy, USA, 11.20 min.

Director: Lewis Farinella

Starring: Michael Kyle Mills, Kim Garcia, Tian Le, Suleimi Perce and Ricardo Cortes

Plot: Do you believe in love at first sight? While walking in the park, a lone photographer meets an unusual girl. He wants to definitely find a way to her heart ...


Genre: Drama, UK, 11.34 min.

Director: Tom Ruddock

Starring: Jack Brett Anderson, Naomi Scott, Tim Hambley, Sarah Langton

Plot: Owen goes to the cemetery again after his mother's funeral. Coincidentally, due to a misunderstanding, this is where his acquaintance with Maura begins ... A story about loss, love and life.

Awards: 2 victories

  • East Anglia Short Showcase - Best Film
  • Colchester Film Festival 2015 - Best Film


Genre: Comedy, Drama, USA, 12.51 min.

Director: Ryan Turner

Starring: Corin Evans, Sasha Feldman, Amy Shills

Plot: The artificial intelligence supersystem finds out that Daniel dreams of one of the girls in his virtual class. The only way she knows is to persuade the guy to go on a date, because otherwise, according to statistics, he will just "kill" himself. This is a strange order for those who have not left their apartment for 42 days, who are more than happy to be at home with their latest technology…

Awards: 2 victories

  • GSF Awards 2018 - Best Sci-Fi Film
  • Best Actor - Sasha Feldman


Genre: Comedy, USA, 13.14 min.

Director: Asher Morgan

Starring: Katie Vincent, Tasso Mikroulis, Mara Vanbeek

Plot: After one stormy night, Emily realized she was pregnant. But will her chosen one be suitable for the role of a father ...?

Awards: 8 victories and 1 nomination

  • Chain NYC Film Festival 2015 - Best Comedy Short
  • Indie Fest USA IFF 2015 - Best Actress - Katie Vincent
  • Manhattan FF 2015 - Best Comedy Short
  • The IndieFest Film Awards 2015 - Best Short Film - Award of Merit - Usher Morgan (director)
  • Short Film - Usher Morgan, Digital Magic Entertainment
  • Actress in a Leading Role - Usher Morgan, Digital Magic Entertainment
  • Trinity IFF, US 2015 - Best Actress (Katie Vincent)
  • Best Short Film - Best Comedy
  • NewFilmmakers New York 2015 - Nominee - Short Film


Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama, USA, 6.57 min.

Director: Jason J. Lee

Starring: Josh Fu, Jason J. Lee, Julie Jan.

Plot: On Chinese New Year, Grandma gives Jimmy a whimsical box of luck. Having opened it, the guy should be in the center of interesting events and finally get closer to Katya…


Genre: Comedy, India, 13.43 min.

Director: Vikkram Chandirramani

Starring: Nikita Vivagargi, Monica Panwar, Bhupendra Singh Jadavat

Plot: Tanya finds it hard to reconcile when the guy she was dating loses interest in her. She decides to take revenge and force her offender to taste the same refusal ...

Awards: 5 victories

  • Ridgewood Guild IFF - Best Foreign Film
  • MedFF - Best Comedy Film
  • FICOCC - Best Romantic Comedy Film
  • Best Actress Short Film
  • Best Supporting Actress Short Film


Genre: Comedy, Animation, Great Britain, 4.48 min.

Directors: Cal Atanassov, John MacDonald

Plot: Mythical apathetic man who fulfills desires, lives under a fountain. But one day he is forced to rise to earth to fulfill the desire for love…

Awards: 4 victories and 2 nominations

  • Academy of Television Arts and Sciences College Television Awards 2017 - West Animation
  • BAFTA / LA Student Film Awards 2017 - West Animation
  • Paris Art and Movie Awards 2016 - Best Animation
  • Roma Cinema Doc 2016 - Best Student Film (20 min or less)
  • Seattle Shorts Film Festival 2016 - Nominee Jury Award - Best Animation
  • Student Academy Awards, USA 2016 - Nominee Silver Medal - Animation

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