26 October 2018, Fri. 19:30
from 5.19 EUR
from 5.19 EUR
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"Forest ..." - a story about two beings from different worlds, combined passion, which subsequently grew into love.

At the edge of two worlds: the forest and the real, Lukash and Mukva met. She is the embodiment of freedom and creativity, he is a merry but earthly young man, the only thing that separates him from the everyday gray mass, a deep understanding of the music that is so loudly heard from his headphones. Mavka gives him inspiration to create, but Lukash takes her freedom. Should I start, but how could they figure out?

"In order not to kill the fairy tale of batarforii" - says Lesya Ukrainka about the future attempts to touch her drama-fairy-tale. We do not set ourselves the goal of conveying content, we will try to recreate the meaning, revealing the triple bottom of this, of course, a brilliant work.