3d ballet "Forest..."

23 November 2018, Fri. 19:30
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR


3d ballet "Forest..." in Kyiv - photo #1 3d балет "Лісова..." у Києві

About event

Why go to the 3D ballet "Forest ..."?

1. A catchy 3-D ballet from the OSDC choreography theater.
2. Based on the drama-fairy-tale "Forest song" of Lesia Ukrainka.
3. Passion and love under the starry sky.

The artistic project of the ARTSPACE Kyiv Planetarium and the OSDC Theater of Choreography are invited to the 3D Forest "Forest Song"!

The story of the love of two beings from different worlds, posing the question: "Are we part of the world or the world part of us?" At the heart of the drama is Lesya Ukrainka's fairy tale "Forest Song" about the mystical love of Mavka and Lukash. In our history, the forest world is a world of creativity, freedom that is not burdened by the formalities of life's needs. Allegorically, the world of Lukash, that is, people in the drama, is a sober space of rationalism and materialism.

At first glance, what can combine these two dimensions? The answer is simpler than one can imagine - only one glance, only one kiss of the pupils.

Is love the incompatibilities? Is it possible to be content with each other without having anything in common? Unambiguous answer, you will not find in this play - you will feel it later.

Choreographic material of forest drama is fundamentally different among other works of theater friction and non-standard solutions of classical modern art.

Inexisting forest creatures are not able to move like ordinary people, so their movements are fabulous. A large number of mass synchronous numbers becomes a living scenario that thinks, doubts and acts. Each character of the forest is brightly individual, but combined with one style, which creates a sense of a single organism functioning in accordance with its rules.

Mystical deep-house does not leave a chance to believe in a fairy tale ...

"Forest song" is an era of ethno-legends to a pain similar to life.

Entrance to the Star Hall after the start of the concert is strictly forbidden.

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