10 October 2019, Thu. 19:00
CARIBBEAN club Kyiv, Petlyury st. 4
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR


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About event

And I am not me and Karma is not mine: 5vymir band returns with ER "Karma" and concert in Kiev

After an annual pause, 5 Vymir again takes over the tools. On October 10, a presentation of the new ER "Karma" will take place in the capital Caribbean Club. To a large extent, the jazz, soul and traditional music of the East drove up the band's new sound.

Guitarist and vocalist of the band Kostya Poshtar: "Music is something that unites us. We played six months in the studio and wrote new songs without any plans for performances. Similarly, we once created "New Names," but then everything was played live, and in the new EP there are tracks that we first recorded, and then we learned to play together. This is a new approach for the band - to create songs without limiting itself to 4 instruments. In new tracks, for example, I do not play guitar. "

Much happened last year. In the fall of 2018 the group reported that they left drummer Semen. The boys even found a replacement for him, but they could not live and work without him - everything was ready for the new album, but at that time they decided not to present him.

Semen Tereshchenko, meanwhile, became the protagonist of the serial "Kyiv day and night", Kostya Poshtar traveled to Europe with a solo postman project, Vadik Lazarev at the studio Lipky Zvukozapys worked on new albums Stoned Jesus, Vovk and wrote a soundtrack to the popular science film "The Prince Volodymyr: Between Memory and Praise ", while studying medieval music in parallel.

Soon life again brought the guys together. Kostya: "We realized that we can not exist in another composition. 5 Vymir - it's just four of us. At some point we gathered, and after months of quarrels, we realized that pursuing some goals, constantly preparing for something, we lose our friendship, which, for a moment, more than 20 years. And if we choose between principles and friendship, then we choose friendship. So then met with Semyon, talked, he returned to the group. We do not talk about this year with each other :) "

The phenomenon of Group 5 Vymir is that since its creation, three classmates at the age of 12 years, the composition of the group has not changed. Drummer Semen Tereshchenko joined the band in 2011. Ahead of them were the performances of Balthazar and Franz Ferdinand, the main stage of the Zaxidfest, concerts with strings, performances on the de-occupied Donbass.

Their debut album "Mistoliniya" devoted to their hometown, has fallen into the top of the best albums of 2014 according to the version of the leading Ukrainian media. In 2018, he entered the list of 100 most important albums of independent Ukraine. The release of the second album "New Names" opened the band's road to television, radio stations and a wall of glossy editions. Their music began to sound in commercials and films, and UA: Public created a watch program about the history of the band.

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