Vivienne Mort. 5'Nizza. Hudaki Village band

24 August 2018, Fri. 19:00
from 16.26 EUR
from 16.26 EUR
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About event

August 24 in Uzhgorod Castle will be a long-awaited concert Vivienne Mort. 5'Nizza. Hudaki Village!

Ukraine no longer needs to explain who Vivienne Mort is . After the performance of the musicians at the national selection of the Eurovision Song Contest, their songs were heard not only by those who are following the new Ukrainian music, but also by a wide audience. Deep, meaningful texts, a bold frank style of performance, the beauty of music, the sagacious tender voice and artistry of the vocalist make the concerts of Vivienne Mort unique, and the emotional connection between artist and listener remains a vivid memory and an important experience.

At the concert you will hear the songs 5'Nizza , who made the group cult in the first half of the "zero". They sang with a guitar in every yard, they sounded in all the headphones. And social networks with iTunes have nothing to do with it. The Kharkov duo won the love of fans across the country.

Hudaki Village Band - Ukrainian folk group from the village of Nizhny Selishche (Transcarpathia). The basis of his repertoire consists of authentic folk songs and melodies from the surrounding Transcarpathian villages. The ensemble members are mostly amateurs. The compositions are performed without the score, in the traditional style, without arrangement, electric instruments and special effects.

And also Our Fayta!