Black Square: A la dog, or anything that moves!

30 October 2018, Tue. 19:30
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 3.64 EUR
from 3.64 EUR

About event

Why is it worth going to the play "A la dog, or Everything that moves"?

1. Enjoy incomparable humor.
2. For the time being forget about all everyday problems.
3. Get original answers to many vital questions.

To drink or not to drink? (and how much? and with whom?) To call or not to call? (to whom? and for what?) To love or not to love? (and whether it is necessary, but is it worth the effort?).

To answer some of these questions, you will help the heroes, if you come to a performance in which actors do not have to hide under other people's names.

A performance about the fact that juvenile spermotoxicosis can come at any age. All of us sometimes want to, but in my youth I want it very much. What if she does not give? What if he asks? What if you want the same girl with the best friend? And why, if the cognac enters well, sometimes it turns out extremely unsuccessfully? And if the girl you want has an intellectual advantage over you? There are many questions, but the answers are different. But all extremely ridiculous, and sometimes ingeniously ingenious. The performance will make you forget about the black stripes of your life and turn it into an ideal white for all two hours.

For many years on the same day, three childhood friends meet and follow the same route to settle scores with their past. But this time the system failed: one of them did not come, and in this was implicated woman. Friends, darts, pizza and a lot, many, many other women.

October 30 in the club Atlas you will find an unusual performance "A la dog, or anything that moves!"