Subscription number 18

15 March 2020, Sun. 14:00
Odessa Literary Museum Odesa, st. Lanzheronovskaya 2
from 1.67 EUR
from 1.67 EUR

About event

Subscription number 18 "Her Majesty the violin" in Odesa. On March 15, the Odessa Literary Museum will host a concert entitled "The Legacy of Niccolo Paganini".

Why is it worth going to the concert "The Legacy of Niccolo Paganini" in OdesA?

1. To inspire the subtle sound of a sophisticated instrument.
2. To plunge into the magical world of creativity of a great musician.
3. To spend an evening in a pleasant company.

Concert from the series "Her Majesty the Violin" in Odesa

On March 15, a concert for real connoisseurs of "The Legacy of Niccolo Paganini" will be held at the Odessa Literature Museum. Come to enjoy the magnificent sound of a beautiful violin.

Special program "The Legacy of Niccolo Paganini" in the Odessa Literary Museum

The bright program from the works of the great composer will be presented to you by the winner of international competitions Heorhii Sokolov.

Music lecturer - Elvira Palamarchuk.

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