4DCD Фестиваль сучасного танцю. "ACTO", "Between us"

5 December 2019, Thu. 19:00
Stsena 6 Kyiv, vulytsya Vasylʹkivsʹka, 1
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR

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4DCD Фестиваль сучасного танцю. "ACTO", "Between us" in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2019-12-05 в 19:00 on the Stsena 6, Kyiv.
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20 minute dance performance by Choreographer Francesco Annarumma (Italy)

together with the Ukrainian troupe Totem Dance Group. Made under the International Contemporary Dance Residency in July 2019.
A performance in which there is a lot of physicality and movement, it amazes with the possibilities that the bodies of the dancers show, with the originality of the choreographer's chosen lexical language.
This is an abstract work that fully demonstrates the possibilities of human plasticity, shows the continuity of the flow of motion based on natural connections in the body. There is a lot of pleasure in the movement itself, which is invariably transmitted to the viewer.

Between us

The performance Between Us is a very sincere and sensual work by the Spanish choreographer - Chevy Muraday with the Ukrainian dance company TOTEM Dance Group. It is a kind of manifestation of love, desire, finding one's way and the joy of moving to a dream, based on the poetry of Charles Baudelaire.
Choreographer Chevy Muraday, who has already received more than 8 awards, one of which recognized him as the best dancer and choreographer - the Max Prize. Chevy Muraday began his career in the dance world in Spain in 1985 in Carmen Senry's class. And for his first staging as a choreographer, "I was looking for you and couldn't find you in the field of flowers," he received an international award as an outstanding dancer at the Laban Center in London. Due to his talent and love for dance, he was invited to work in London, and later with the performance of Rui Horta Constant Object (1994), he traveled to the US and South America with the Jusaba (Miami) dance troupe.
With the creation of his own dance troupe Losdedae, with the aim of developing contemporary dance in Spain, more than 30 performances have been staged. Chevy Muraday also combines her career as a dancer with teaching at courses, seminars and workshops, as a guest lecturer for various national and international schools. Chevy maintains a constant connection with the theater and works as a choreographer and stage director with well-known theater directors.
Dancers: Yaroslav Kaynar, Bogdan Kyrylenko, Olga Markovich, Olena Mits, Hristina Slobodyanyuk, Irina Bodryk


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