African tales

10 September 2018, Mon. 14:00
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from 2.77 EUR
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African tales in Kyiv - photo #1 Африканські казки у Києві

About event

What never loses its charm is the exotic wisdom of Africa.

The stories and legends in which people try to explain the world around and nature are transmitted from word to mouth throughout Africa. Fairy tales tell why, for example, there are only one kid in the elephants, why the chickens can not live in the same house with people, why the hippo always sit in the water or why the bat afraid of the sun. These fairy tales are live tales that elder people tell children or adults when they sit together in a shade under a tree, or in quiet african evenings before bedtime. In these samples of African folklore people who had no education or science, and relied only on their own experience, originally interpreted the natural phenomena and behavior of animals. In our performance. Lots of music and dance, colorful costumes. And most importantly, all this happens on a small scene, where children can see the smallest details of the performance.