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4 July 2020, Sat. 19:00
Green Theater Kyiv, Park Road, 2
from 31.67 EUR
from 31.67 EUR
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About event

Aquarium Group in Kiev. March 22 at Atlas Club will host a concert of the rock group Aquarium.

Why is it worth going to a concert of the Aquarium band in Kiev?

  1. Imbued with the spirit of protest and comprehend the deep philosophy of the group.
  2. One of the first to see the new Grass Doors program.
  3. Chatting live with cult musicians is worth a lot.

The legendary group Aquarium with a concert in Kiev

On March 22, Boris Grebenshchikov and the Aquarium group will perform at Atlas Club. The cult collective carries its unique music and deep texts so that you live this evening brightly. A landmark event that cannot be missed!

Aquarium Group with the new Grass Doors program at Atlas Club

For their Ukrainian fans, BG together with their team prepared a new program called Grass Doors. The group released the song of the same name in 2017 in a completely new arrangement. According to Boris Borisovich, the song was written a long time ago. But the correct approach to its execution was found only at the time when the Aquarium celebrated its 45th anniversary, and the group leader approached 65.

Today, the cult team continues to actively acquaint listeners with their own particular philosophy, promoting protest rock and roll and experimenting with form and sound. The ranks of fans are constantly growing, and the immortal lyrics of the group penetrate every heart, erasing any obstacles on the way.

Each new meeting with Boris Grebenshchikov is a discovery. Do not miss the concert in Kiev!

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