14 February 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 10.30 EUR
from 10.30 EUR


Alekseev in Dnipro - photo #1 Alekseev у Дніпрі
Alekseev in Dnipro - photo #2 Alekseev у Дніпрі афіша
Alekseev in Dnipro - photo #3 Alekseev у Дніпрі квитки
Alekseev in Dnipro - photo #4 Alekseev у Дніпрі на concert.ua

About event

Why go to the ALEKSEEV concert?

1. ALEKSEEV - the first Ukrainian performer, whose song led the lead of iTunes in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan for 8 weeks in a row.
2. The All-Ukrainian tour in support of the album was sold out in thousands of halls throughout the country.
3. Great opportunity to be in close proximity to your favorite artist!

From the subway - on airplanes and tours to various countries of Europe and the world, from the vocal show “Voice of the Country” - to the scenes in front of thousands of people, from the frontman of the student group - to the musical idol of modern times.

In just two years, on the stage, ALEKSEEV managed to create its own musical space, different from all existing, and win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of listeners. The owner of a unique timbre and original manner of singing, ALEKSEEV is recognizable from thousands of other artists.

The first single of the artist "Drunken Sun" became an unprecedented hit in all CIS countries and gained the status of platinum - 100,000 song downloads on iTunes! “Dream Splinters”, “Oceans of Steel”, “I Feel the Soul”, “Forever” - all ALEKSEEV singles and clips inevitably settle on the air of national radio stations and TV channels, find a response in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of listeners of different ages!

The geography of ALEKSEEV concerts includes sold-out performances in Israel, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, Germany, Turkey, Egypt and other countries. ALEKSEEV managed to become a guest of the loudest festivals: “Heat” in Baku, “Slavianski Bazaar” in Vitebsk, “MPRL City” in Mariupol and others. The concert schedule of the artist, who just three years ago first appeared on the big stage, is painted half a year ahead.

A voice that can turn the mind and regain faith in yourself, a unique manner of performance, a completely different sound. ALEKSEEV is the artist whose work is subordinated to a high idea - using the voice to discover the purest impulses in people.

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