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16 November 2019, Sat. 23:00
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR


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Why go to the ALEKSEEV concert?

1. ALEKSEEV - the first Ukrainian performer, whose song was the leader of iTunes for 8 weeks in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.
2. The All-Ukrainian tour in support of the album was sold out in thousands of halls throughout the country.
3. A club concert is a great opportunity to be in close proximity to your favorite artist!

ALEKSEEV unique tone of voice has no equal. Just like the skill of the artist to reach the hearts of everyone from his multimillion army of listeners around the world.

The creativity of the musician is developing rapidly, and ALEKSEEV itself matures, changes its worldview and continues to create, while remaining as frank as possible to its audience.

The singer, who gained rapid fame in his native Ukraine and abroad, is ready to show his new show called “My Star”. A tour of the cities of Ukraine will take place in support of the artist’s new album of the same name consisting of 12 compositions of different genres Working on his second record, ALEKSEEV personally performed as a sound producer. According to the musician, all the songs from the album “My Star” are a completely new stage in his work. At the concert, the artist will perform the recently released songs, which have already managed to catch the fancy of the public, as well as their million-plus hits.

ALEKSEEV is a triumphant in the “Discovery of the Year” nomination according to the version of the First YUNA Music Award, in the “Breakthrough of the Year” nomination at the prestigious M1 Music Awards.

Winner of more than 20 iconic CIS music awards. ALEKSEEV became the first Ukrainian performer, the song of which was the leader of iTunes for 8 weeks in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan. The YouTube-hits counter of the artist’s clips numbers tens of millions, the army of Instagram fans who follow the singer on Instagram has reached more than 700 thousand and is constantly increasing, and his music awakens the deepest innermost feelings in the hearts of listeners.

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