Alexey Botvinov. CREDO Project

8 April 2019, Mon. 19:00
from 1.67 EUR
from 1.67 EUR

About event

"CREDO". This is the name of the new project by Alexey Botvinov. Although it is not a prayer, but a very personal word, the whole live voice of a pianist sounds in it.

Probably because this time on stage there will be no orchestra, no screen, no flashes of light. Only the solo piano and - Music, its inner being, concise conversation about the Main. Personal dialogue with each listener. Dialogue on Today and the Eternal: passionate, frank, and in some places meditative, full of hidden sorrow and celebration.

And above all, the great masterpieces of Bach will sound, including the legendary fugue in C sharp minor, the most famous in the history of music, and after it the monumental Partita in E minor.

In the second part, the return of the name will take place: for someone new, but in fact - hidden. This is Yuri Hanon, the first winner of the European Oscar for the best music in the cinema, the author of the legendary prologue to the Sokurov's Eclipse Days, a master of paradox and grotesque, who closed the door twenty years ago. And now, today, Yuri Hanon makes an exception for Odessa. For the first time, after a quarter of a century of silence, it will never sound.

Alexey Botvinov considers this music to be brilliant and happy to announce that the world premiere will take place in Odessa, at his concert. The music of Hanon is modern, but surprisingly simple, melodic and at the same time nothing like it. She is unique in her voice. The entire fabric of this music is permeated by continuous internal dialogue, including with the Bach heritage. It is this dialogue with the participation of Bach and our two contemporaries that will make the program of the evening very special.

Johann Sebastian Bach:
4 preludes and fugues from Volume 1 of the “Well-Tempered Clavier” - in C major, C minor, C sharp minor, D minor.
Partita number 6 in E minor.

Yuri Hanon:
5 first of the series "50 Etudes for the Fallen Piano"

From the cycle “Ossified Preludes”:
"Canodia Anabi"
"Canodia Antru"

From the series “Vague plays of unknown origin”:
"Offering to Couperin"
"Famous Passacaglia"
"Falling Windmills"

The last 10 from the series “50 Etudes for the Fallen Piano”

Alexey Botvinov dedicates this concert to the memory of his teacher Anatoly Alexandrovich Kardashev.

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