Alice in Wonderland

28 July 2019, Sun. 12:00
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
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About event

Why go to the ballet "Alice in Wonderland"?

1. To see a talented interpretation of your favorite book.
2. Surprise a beautiful combination of dance, music and literary foundations.
3. With pleasure to consider bright costumes and decorations.

We invite you to visit the ballet for children "Alice in Wonderland" (music by L. Volkova).

The basis of the performance, of course, is the well-known work of Lewis Carroll. It is difficult to find another book that would have as many adaptations: from radio plays to musical productions, from movies to computer games.

Girl Alice falls into Wonderland. And exciting adventures begin to happen to her. With the seeming absurdity of events, an experienced viewer will notice serious allusions, philosophical overtones, and even logical and mathematical jokes. The book is incredibly popular among both children and adults.

And this is a great basis for productions, because every character is colorful, every scene is a masterpiece, every costume is a work of art. Come to the ballet "Alice in Wonderland" to see this for yourself! Pupils of the ballet studio of Svetlana Antipova, the Honored Artist of Ukraine participate in the performance.

The duration of the performance in 2 acts is 1.5 hours (with intermission).