Effective communication techniques. Master class by Andrei Burlutsky

13 December 2018, Thu. 19:00
from 22.73 EUR
from 22.73 EUR

About event

Why should go to the master class "Techniques of effective communication"?

1. Overcoming barriers to business and personal communication
2. Obtain impact tools through communication
3. Start better understanding other people, their motives and goals

In the famous winged statement it is said: "With the help of a good word and a pistol, it is possible to achieve more than with the help of only a good word." But in fact, the word is stronger than any weapon. It is able to capture hearts, inspire, return lost faith, and turn your enemies into allies. Good possession of oratory, ability to persuade and prove their own point of view will surely be useful in work, business and personal life. Do you think you can not pronounce the speeches worthy of Winston Churchill or Martin Luther King? You just did not try. It is in the power of everyone. It's just worth working on yourself. Help in this master class by Andriy Burlutsky "Techniques of Effective Communication".

This master class will be interesting for everyone who faces the need for business communication every day.

In the master class program:
• the main mechanisms of interpersonal and business communication;
• communicative techniques for work and home;
• Overcoming obstacles in communicating with colleagues: persuasion, work with conflicts, work with objections;
• work on the ability to hear, speak, persuade;
• Analysis and correction of own mistakes in communication cases.

The master class will be conducted by Andriy Burlutsky, the best coach of the Linguistic and Technical Techniques of the CIS, according to the Russian Public Voice Academy. Associate Professor of the Department of Management of the show business of Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Candidate of Art (Ph.D.). Laureate of all-Ukrainian and international competitions of readers. Voice of the leading TV channels of the country. Andrew is engaged in an individual training practice. Among his clients are top managers of large companies, well-known politicians, representatives of show business. He has 12 years of teaching practice, more than 100 corporate trainings, 4,000 students, and 2,000 duplicate films.

Thanks to the master class you:
• Increase the ability to influence other people through communication;
• Becoming better understand other people - their motives and goals;
• get the tools of influence in the communication process;
• Analyze different communication situations, including those with "toxic" people;
• Define your own business interaction cases.

Come on Thursday, December 13th, at FEDORIV Hub!

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