An angel who lost a star

28 November 2018, Wed. 15:00
Kiev Academic Puppet Theater Kyiv, st. Hrushevsky, 1st
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from 2.42 EUR
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About event

In this fantastic-space show, the authors have united the world of angels and the world of people.

And this story began with the fact that one Angel lost the star. The star and accidentally fell to the ground, and there was a real detective fuss around her: with abductions, chases, robbers and even the police. After all, this star is probably from true gold! But will the happy those who sought to take possession of the star, who, for example, wanted to gain glory and wealth through it? For it happens that a man will lose his star, or sell it, and then he opens another person's face and deceives himself. And only angels see what we really are.

Language: Ukrainian
Number of actions: 2 actions
Duration: 45 minutes.
Age: 6+