Angels on the roof

3 October 2018, Wed. 19:00
National Theater of Opera and Ballet Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, 152
from 17.99 EUR
from 17.99 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the play "Angels on the Roof"?

1. The setting in an amazing way combines tragedy and good laughter.
2. "Angels on the roof" is a chance to start all over again not only for the heroine of the play, but also for all the spectators.
3. Stunning actors and a deep story will not leave anyone indifferent.

October 3 at the National Theater of Opera and Ballet - the performance "Angels on the Roof". On the stage are the brilliant Ekaterina Barnabas, Maria Kravchenko and Andrei Noskov. Be sure to come!

The story begins very tragically. Young girl Katya, having lost hope and having lost the meaning of life, decides to leave the mortal world. Only in this way, in her opinion, one can get rid of all unresolved problems and troubles. Katya goes to the roof of the high-rise building, approaching the edge. And it seems: everything is decided! But the jump will have to be postponed.

The reason for this - an accidental acquaintance, which is destined to change the future fate of the girl. Katya gets a chance to forget the past and start living again, correcting mistakes, to be happy again. The complex theme of the play and rather tragic circumstances, however, do not leave a touch of sadness. The story, sprinkled with merry and kind moments, gives a positive and tunes for the best. See you!