Angels do not cry

29 September 2018, Sat. 16:00
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from 2.77 EUR
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The play "Angels Do not Cry"

Authors - Asya Kotlyar.
Genre - mysticism, phantasmagoria, with elements of comedy.

In the play, in one apartment there are two women, one of whom is an alcoholic who lived a difficult life, faced with betrayal, lost a child, and the second, only begins her life, believes in people, good and bright future.

And, Angels .... Do we see them? Do they really exist? It all depends on whether you believe in them or not. The appearance of the Angel, and even the image of his actions are far from important. It is much more important to know that we follow the principles that will not force our Angels to leave us. After all, they can not protect those who disregard God's laws and themselves endanger themselves.

As the events of the play develop, viewers understand that in one place, at the same time, the future and the past met. And the Angels who are in charge of this meeting are trying to save the future .....

The length of the performance is 1 hour and 10 minutes.