Anna Karenina

9 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
Mala Opera Kyiv, Dehtiarivska St, 5
from 4.55 EUR
from 4.55 EUR


About event

Kiev Theater "Millennium" presents the play "Anna Karenina."

Genre: drama investigation

(based on Leo Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina")

Duration: 2h 30m (with intermission)

Have you heard what happened recently in the Kiev metro during the rush hour at the station of Leo Tolstoy? Town woman Anna K. suddenly slipped and ... It's terrible to say! Do you know this Anna? Even if you are a connoisseur of classics and three times re-read the novel, we assure you: you do not know. And we, too, can not be sure that we thoroughly studied all the nooks of the heroine's soul, which challenged the secular world for the sake of desperate love. It's easy to judge without looking, not wanting to understand. We begin the investigation and present the crime: Wife. Publicity. Treason. Lover. The sword of Damocles of public disapproval hung over the starving woman. Guilty or not? Neither we nor Anna know the answer to this question. We invite the viewer to take the seat of the Judge or Participant.

The performance is a participant of the "Experimental Stage" project, where the roles are performed by both professionals and amateurs studying in our theater studio.

Roles are played by:

Anna Karenina - Natalia Shilova
Alexey Karenin - Alexander Mironov
Serezha Karenin - Artem Barvinok / Anton Bondar
Steve Oblonsky - Vladimir Burkovsky
Dolly Oblonskaya - Marina Rubleva
Kitty Shcherbatskaya - Julia Orlenko
Countess Vronskaya - Elena Nesmiyan
Alexei Vronsky - Boris Stanislavsky
Betsy Tverskaya - Anna Garnik

Director - Natalia Volchek
Composer - Artem Samoylenko
Choreographer - Anna Gerus
Lighting Designer - Sergey Savelyev

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