3 November 2018, Sat. 20:00
!FESTRepublic Lviv, Staroseneskaya st., 24-26
from 6.97 EUR
from 6.97 EUR


ANNA in Lviv - photo #1 АННА у Львові
ANNA in Lviv - photo #2 АННА у Львові афіша

About event

Why it is necessary to go to the concert of the group "ANNA"?

1. Solve the secret cipher in the name of the collective, in which their key to success is hidden.
2. The long-awaited presentation of the new EP.
3. The best of the best for 16 years of team history.

In 2002 in the city of Lviv four guys with drums, guitars, a microphone gathered and decided to create together. Then they were joined by two more. Experiments with texts, styles, and meanings began. And soon their sludge metal and nu-metal compositions already became known to many.

During its existence the team became one of the most concerts on the Ukrainian alternative scene. Constant performances at the festivals brought them recognition and many awards. For 16 years, the team had ups and downs and even decay for 2 years, but now they are together for 3 years and are full of energy and energy, which they throw out at their concerts and in their records. The team has three albums, one mini-collection and six singles, and five video clips.

You are waiting for a grand solo performance of the band with a long-awaited presentation of a new EP titled "Do not Call Out." In addition, the program will hear the best hits of the team for all years of existence. Do not miss! It's worth to hear and see!

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