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Нова дата та локація - 30 березня 2022, Volume Club.

Annisokay in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2022-03-30 в 19:00 on the Volume Club, Kyiv.
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"Annie, are you okay?" Asks the great Michael Jackson in 1988. Ann is okay - musicians from Germany eventually respond in 2007. Introducing their new vocalist at the end of 2019, Annisokay announced the release of a new album in 2020 and a new chapter in the band's history. But before rolling out the new release, the guys decided to have a little fun.

We meet Annisokay on September 17 at the Volume Club

Annisokay is not another metalcore project without raisins, raisins here are plenty - both trancecore and post-hardcore are combined in one stream of crazy energy. Annisokay is a risky, but perfect, crazy sampling that sends to His Statue Falls and Enter Shikari, and two dramatically different vocal parts - extreme, pure, and another androgynous, that build a certain dialogue.
It is worth mentioning separately about their performances - the unprecedented drive radiated by the musicians themselves and their music, and the absolutely natural interaction with the listeners do not allow them to relax for a moment. The Annisokay boys traveled to their native Germany together with Callejon, Eskimo Callboy, and Emil Bulls, sang concerts in Europe, and their explosive wave reached Kiev again.