10 June 2019, Mon. 19:00
from 10.61 EUR
from 10.61 EUR


About event

Why should go to the concert of the group Aquarium?

1. Hear the father of Russian rock live and congratulate him on his 65th birthday
2. Expanded program of legendary and absolutely new songs.
3. Creativity beyond age and convention

Meet in your city! Boris Grebenshchikov and the group "Aquarium" with the new program "The Doors of Grass".

A philosophy that has passed through generations. Lyrics, sprouted through the stones and thorns of the freedom-loving and protesting rock and roll. A thought rushing far beyond the limits of all worldly and everyday vanity. All this he - the legendary Boris Grebenshchikov!

This year, the father of Russian rock, the poet and musician turns 65 years old. Boris Borisovich marks his anniversary on the stage with performances on a tour of the cities of Ukraine.

The unique music of the group “Aquarium” is not just alive, but continues to discover new facets in the lyrics of ballads, seething rock and roll and philosophical reggae. And what is amazing is that neither the group nor its founder BG became a retro-group, despite a more than solid creative path. Their music is alive and fresh, because the team is constantly experimenting with form and sound, finding new notes and catching the strings of the soul of both loyal fans and those who are just discovering rock and roll.

The new program of BG and the group “Aquarium” is called “The Doors of Grass” - in honor of his eponymous song, which in 2017 was released in a completely new arrangement. Boris Borisovich himself has repeatedly admitted that it was this song, written a long time ago, that he could not perform correctly and precisely. And only when the "Aquarium" turned 45, and the BG approached 65, a true and genuine sound was found.

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