28 November 2018, Wed. 19:00
Jovtnevyi Palats Kyiv, Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 1, m. Khreshchatyk, Independence Square.
from 9.06 EUR
from 9.06 EUR


About event

Why go to Arsen Mirzoyan's concert?

1. To believe that the best day of your autumn will be created by Arsen Mirzoyan and his team.
2. Hear the song that Charlie Chaplin’s daughter has fallen in love with and become the first witness of the singer’s new musical stories.
3. Make a memorable selfie and create your own story with Arsen Mirzoyan.

Last year's tour of the artist in support of the new album "Words and Notes" soldatami throughout Ukraine. And he is ready to amaze again! The success of this singer is an example of how originality finds its way.

He never tried to be comfortable. Therefore, genres and formats are unfamiliar components of music. Today, Arsen Mirzoyan is a nominee for music awards. He has four albums, each of which is the author's invention of the artist, together with sound producer Vitaly Telezin.

"I take inspiration from people, I return it to people. This is the main thing." - says the singer.

Unpredictable, charismatic, brave artist does not get tired of experimenting and makes us live here and now.

Composition of the group:

vocal, acoustic guitar - Arsen Mirzoyan
drums - Anatoly Shmargun
Piano - Stanislav Lavrik
saxophone - Vladimir Lebedev
Leader Guitar - Alexander Lozovsky
bass guitar - Valentin Kornienko

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