18 May 2019, Sat. 22:00
from 6.06 EUR
from 6.06 EUR


About event

Why go to the concert of Artem Pivovarov?

1. One of the most popular singers of the country
2. Hear live romantic and charismatic artist
3. To sing and dance to your favorite hits: "Oxygen", "My Nich", "Full Moon" and others.

May 18 - “spontaneous” Artem Pivovarov on the second day of the opening of the season 2019. His clips are rapidly gaining millions of views on YouTube, and numerous singles in the tops of their favorite radio stations. Dance and hit concert from Artem Pivovarov at ITAKA.

Artem Pivovarov belongs to a new generation of artists - daring, non-standard, internally free, with a deep personal philosophy that he brings to the masses. If we talk about musical trends, Artem Pivovarov is undoubtedly one of their legislators. Fans of the artist's work have long since derived the formula for his uniqueness, calling him “spontaneous.” Unambiguously, music is the element of Artyom.

He presented the world with 3 solo albums, dozens of singles and a lot of visualizations of them, and the number of ficherings with artists in the arsenal of a musician can surprise the most experienced music critics.

In 2017, Artem Pivovarov entered the top ten of the most popular Ukrainian artists on YouTube, and one of the latest clips - the video work “Oxygen” - gained more than 8 million views. The work of the musician “Provincial”, which premiered on his birthday, on June 28, 2018, in 20 hours from the moment of its release, gained a million views on YouTube. “How many times did you get up and fall!” - the slogan of today's provincial!

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