Arthur Pirozhkov July 20

20 July 2019, Sat. 22:00
Ibiza Night Club Odessa, Odessa, Arcadia
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to a party with Arthur Pirozhkov ??

1. Each new song is a 100% hit.
2. The chief macho of the CIS at his concerts lights not childish.
3. With a head plunge into the world of corporate dance drive - it means cool to come off.

July 20 in the club Ibiza - the favorite artist of girls and the sample for men Arthur Pies!

If there was music cooking, then Arthur Pirozhkov would definitely be the winner of the MasterChef show! His delicious creations are a delight to the ear and a source of great mood. Cherry on the cake will be the hottest hits of the artist. Do not miss!

“Cry, baby!”, “Paradise”, “I don't know how to dance”, “Hooked”, “Chika”, “Like Celentano” - fans of the artist know every track by heart and are ready to dance to their favorite songs all night long. And knowing about Alexander’s love for shocking and considering the artist’s enormous creative potential, one can say with confidence: wait for spectacular surprises!

Barely having appeared on the scene in a new image, Alexander Revva became megapopular. The image of the sexy and seductive macho guy with a sports body and a fatal look liked the public. And now the full house is accompanied by all the concerts of Arthur Pirozhkov. And each new clip collects record views on YouTube.

Come to enjoy the conversation with a brutal and super-sexy artist. And, of course, get ready for the most powerful dance party!