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A State of Trance 900: Lifting You Higher

22 June 2019, Sat. 21:00-05:00
from 199 ₴
from 199 ₴


A State of Trance 900: Lifting You Higher in Kyiv - photo №1 A State of Trance 900 у Києві
Armin van Buuren, ASOT 900 Kyiv Armin van Buuren, ASOT 900 Kyiv

About event

Armin Van Buuren will present the new A State of Trance 900 show: Lifting You Higher. And Kyiv is lucky to become a part of this world tour! New music, new engineering and light-visual solutions... But well-remembered and so desired emotions, when you are lifted higher and the body feels those vibrations not comparable with anything!

A State of Trance 900: Lifting Yoy Higher is a celebration of the 900th episode of the radio show and at the same time – the largest trance-music network in the world. Each episode is listened to by over 40 million people on all continents. Each episode is musical premieres and presentations, classical tracks and interactive.

In 2012 A State of Trance 550 show in Kyiv exceeded all expectations! It was such an emotional night that thousands of people still remember her as one of the best in life. Watch the video above, catch goosebumps and tune in to ASOT 900 ...

On June 22, in Kyiv, his DJ set will play both Armin van Buuren himself and other representatives of the genre, who set trends in world trans-music. The number of those willing to attend Armin Van Buuren's shows is always bigger than the number of tickets on sale. Therefore, if you want to guarantee yourself an incredible night of music, get tickets as early as possible.

Show promoter: VIRUS Music:

Exclusive ticket operator Concert.ua


Armin van Buuren
One of the most famous and titled DJs and producers in the world of electronic music. During his career, he became the world's best DJ five times according to the authoritative rating of DJ Mag Top 100 DJs, and over the past 17 years he has not left its Top-5. In addition, he was awarded numerous awards and titles, including 14 DJ Awards, 45 International Dance Music Awards, 2 International Golden Gnome Awards and dozens of others.
Andrew Rayel
Moldavian DJ and producer with a classical music education, for 7 years in a row is among the hundred best DJs on the planet according to DJ Mag. In collab with Armin van Buruen is the author of the famous hit Eiforya.
Agnostic front

Agnostic Front is an American hardcore punk band from New York.

The composition of the musicians often changed. Founder and guitarist of the band Vinnie Stigma is the only permanent member.


To get to the live performance of legendary hardcore artists is the dream of all their fans! We recommend not to miss their concert in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine! See the poster of the upcoming performances of the Agnostic Front on Concert.ua 24/7. The date and time, venue and cost of tickets are all here.


The godfathers of hardcore punk out of formats and stereotypes! Aggressive beats and bass parts, Roger Miret’s chaotic vocals and absolute freedom manifested in social lyrics are all about them!

"Gotta Go", "Victim In Pain", "Spray Painted Walls", "Old New York", "Your Mistake", "Crucified" - every lover of heavy music has the same, beloved track, from which goosebumps and the walls shudder. And the Agnostic Front sounds decent already: more than 35 years on stage!

We are waiting for you at the concerts!

Colombian DJ, author of numerous progressive and trance hits. His track Hydra became the soundtrack of the popular Hollywood comedy “Wild Child”.
Ruben de Ronde
Dutch DJ and producer, owner of his own label. In 2015 his track became the anthem of the largest trance open-air Electronic Family Festival, and his performance in Hanoi (Vietnam) for the New 2016 Year gathered more than half a million listeners.
British DJ and musician, whose joint super-successful release with Gareth Emery and Haliene 'Saving Light' was the first track in the trance genre to lead the main Beatport Top 100 chart. By 2017 he became the best-selling producer of the digital store Beatport - his tracks ranked first five times, hit Top 5 ten times and Top 10 six times.


  1. Why you should not worry about changing plans: take the tickets now with a payment by card and if necessary, you can refund 90% of face value of the tickets automatically through your personal account to the same card (at any time until 20:00 on June 21, 2019).<br><br>Pay attention: official tickets for A State of Trance 900 show in Kyiv are sold EXCLUSIVELY at Concert.ua, in our ticket offices and in the retail network of partners. DON'T mess up with tickets at any other sites or ads on the network - it’s a risk to lose your money.

  2. The giant fan zone will be divided into 3 parts: FAN-3, FAN-2 and FAN-1 (closest to the stage). FAN-1 ticket gives access to all three fan zones, FAN-2 – to the second and third, FAN-3 – only to the third. The rest of FAN-1 tickets can be purchased in the FAN-PACK which includes entrance ticket, Priority (entrance through a separate corridor), a certificate for an official ASOT 900 T-shirt and a certificate for an Event Guide (read about the certificates below).

  3. The fan zone on the ASOT 900 at the IEC is almost 10,000 visitors. It takes time to enter the venue and receive a wristband. But if you want to enter the venue much faster and more comfortable, add Priority to each ticket and go through additional corridors. Priority is valid ONLY in pairing with FAN category entrance ticket.

  4. VIP-FAN is a dance platform at a height of several meters, with a separate entrance, bars and fantastic view of the stage!

  5. To the left and to the right of the fan zone platforms with seats at the tables will be build. For visitors here: serving with waiters, premium beverages and a finger food menu.

  6. Official ASOT 900 T-SHIRT can replenish your wardrobe of especially important clothes! Models for men and women will be made, in different sizes, with several variants of prints. T-shirts will be presented in the merchandise shop on the territory of ASOT in Kyiv. There will also be an exchange of certificate for a T-shirt (the choice of model and size - by the presence at the time of exchange). Prices in merchandise shop will be higher than for certificates now. What to do if you forget about the certificate and decide to exchange it when the choice is small and nothing fits? After the event Concert.ua will make the refund upon request to contact center.

  7. Without a doubt, this is a souvenir #1. Thousands of people have a large collection of these event guides. In addition to the mention of incredible emotions, it will be useful on the show. Event guide – is a designer card on a lanyard with a mini-poster, venue map and timetable. You can buy it in the merchandise shop, and also get it in exchange for the certificate you purchased in advance. Prices in merchandise shop will be higher than for certificates now.

  8. The cost of all types of tickets is growing. Each batch of tickets has its price. Therefore, the sooner you buy tickets the cheaper they are

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