Theater "Masks" in the comedy "Atella"

18 July 2020, Sat. 19:00
Clown house Odesa, st. Olgievskaya 23
from 6.00 EUR
from 6.00 EUR
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About event

Why go to the Atella performance?

1. This performance is performed only in the theater "Masks" and nowhere else in the world
2. Performs the main composition of the legendary theaters "Masks" and "Village of Fools"
3. The performance is very funny and entertaining.

Boris Barsky’s comedy directed by Georgy Deliev performed by the main cast of the legendary Masks Show and The Village of Fools theaters

Atella is one of the most eccentric and funny comedies of the Maska Theater repertoire. Everything is here: painted Moor and the beautiful Desdemona, a girl. And her maid, Emilia, is far from a girl. Tricks, songs, dances. Salted cucumbers, vodka and even strawberry!

Rumors of Desdemona and Moor’s unambiguous nightly adventures reach Senator Brabantio, the girl’s uterine father. The source is Emilia - the nanny and maid of Desdemona.

Cassio, a short-sighted careerist, is voluntarily ready to take the place of the Moor, both in the position of general and in Desdemona's bed.

A - figurines! All his adventurous thoughts are confused by Iago - a merry fellow and a joker, a good genius of the general, his brain and his right hand, deposed as corporal, for his sarcastic character, black mouth and long tongue. The cheerful disposition and inborn wit of Iago become the cause of intrigue and intricacies, into the thin networks of which all participants of the above events fall.

And, in secret: the drunk Atella does not chase the bloodied wife of her Desdemona with an ax, a hammer, or a knife. Moreover, her fragile body does not dismember with a chainsaw, file or nail file. On the contrary, it strangles her in his arms and, thus, conceives a child from her. And Cassio, in punishment, is given as a husband. Ask - to whom? You won’t guess in life!

The actors of the Masks theater take part in the performance:
Atella - Vadim Nabokov
Desdemonna - Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalya Buzko
Yaga - People's Artist of Ukraine Georgy Deliev
Cassia - People's Artist of Ukraine Boris Barsky
Radriga - Alexander Postolenko
Brabantiya - Igor Malakhov
Emilia - Tatyana Ivanova
Messenger - Mikhail Voloshin