ABC of good manners

17 February 2019, Sun. 12:00
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from 4.55 EUR
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Why go to the play "The ABC of good manners"?

1. Cat Murchik will hold a master class on good manners
2. A merry fairytale lesson no one will be bored
3. You will see the story of a true friendship!

Is it interesting for someone to learn these boring rules of good behavior? Of course - no ... Our heroes Tolik and Olka also think so, therefore they often insult not only each other, but also their polite cat Murchik.

However, once they receive an unusual invitation that abruptly changes their naughty lives. Now, Murchik will have to turn his friends from simple robbers into real ladies and gentlemen!

But, dear children, your help will be very useful for Murchik, because sometimes it’s not so easy to find a common language with brigands. Especially when you're a cat. Therefore, be sure to come to the Theater “Ladybird” and bring your parents - sometimes they also will not interfere with repeating the ABC of good manners!

The performance teaches not only the necessary rules of good behavior and polite communication with friends and adults, but also recalls such important things as true friendship, the ability to speak the truth and always remain a decent person.

The tale is in Ukrainian.

Performance recommended for children from 4 years

ATTENTION: Each viewer must have a separate ticket.