Ball in honor of the king

19 December 2018, Wed. 18:30
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR

About event

Mikhail Vodyanoy is an epoch in theatrical history of Odessa.

For 40 years, the artist served the stage, breathed life into dozens of characters, among which were the roles that made him a theater legend. The Odessa Theater of Musical Comedy became for Mikhail Vodyanoi a home, to which he gave all his talents, knowledge, powers ...

In the performance dedicated to the memory of the Master, his best stage images come to life: Popandopulo (“Wedding in Malinovka”), Mishka Yaponchik (“At Dawn”), Agabo (“My Heart is Here”), Tsar (“Russian Secret”), Yashka Tugsir (“White Acacia”), Tevye (“Fiddler on the Roof”), Gusyatnikov (“Late Serenade”). During his lifetime, Mikhail Vodyanoi personified the image of an Odessite. He was and remains today one of the symbols of Odessa.

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