25 October 2019, Fri. 18:30
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About Peretta, almost a musical in 2 acts

Libretto - A. Grunwald, F. Löner-Bede, V. Mass and M. Chervinsky

The operetta Ball in Savoy was written in 1932. Its author is Hungarian Paul Abraham.

“Ball in Savoy” is a unique operetta, it actually represents a certain border between the musical and the classical operetta of the 19th century. She is considered the most danceable and exciting of all the operettas ever staged - here are the waltz, and tango, and foxtrot, and step. It is no coincidence that the famous “Tangolita” from this composition became a world hit.

Bright, magnificent show in the style of The Great Gatsby, catchy tunes, wonderful scenery and costumes, unexpected plot twists and, of course, love, all this awaits you in the operetta of Paul Abraham.

To get into the net of your own deception, conquering the famous singer - which can be more meaningless for the famous artist Aristide Stanwood! He is inventive in everything! But with the beautiful Madeleine Thibault, all his dexterity disappears somewhere. Or maybe it's love? A frantic cascade of dizzying adventures, swift dressing up, sudden quarrels and happy reconciliations in the rhythm of jazz and foxtrot will be experienced by the charming Madeleine and the carefree Aristide, the purposeful Desi and the merry fellow Pomerol at the brilliant and refined ball in Savoy, where, by the way, they invite you!