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30 October 2022, Sun. 18:00
from 7.51 EUR
from 7.51 EUR
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Balamuty in Odesa! Don`t miss 2022-10-30 в 18:00 on the Odessa Regional Drama Theater, Odesa.
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A mischievous comedy from the author of the script for the film "Love and Doves"!

What can you do from a monotonous boring life in your declining years? For everything, even for the craziest things! And age is not a hindrance!

"Let's experience a new bliss!" - the heroes of this funny story decided - and they did such a thing that the gun without a striker began to shoot, and the roosters began to lay eggs!

In a word, they stirred up the stagnant water of the surrounding reality!

Stage director - Elena Pushkina