Ballet Open Space. Forest Song

17 October 2019, Thu. 19:00
National Opera of Ukraine Kyiv, Volodymyrska Street, 50
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from 6.67 EUR
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About event

The main theater event of the fall - the festival "BALLET OPEN SPACE".

From October 16 to October 19, the international festival "BALLET OPEN SPACE" will take place on the historical stage of the National Opera of Ukraine, where the premiere of the ballet "Touch of illusion" will take place.

Four consecutive days of inspiration and aesthetic pleasure from the dance of the brightest stars of the world ballet. Four days in a row, the best artists of the world ballet will not only be surprised by their technique and grace, but also show the peculiarities of the Italian, French, American and other major world ballet schools on the Ukrainian stage.

Four days of a rich four-day program from October 16 to 19, the BALLET OPEN SPACE festival will open to viewers both contemporary neoclassical and masterpieces of classes that have already been recognized and tested by time.

The first day of the festival, October 16, will be the premiere of the ballet "Touch of illusion" ("Touch of Illusion") from the European choreographer Ricardo Amarante to the music of Sergei Rachmaninov.

On the second day of the festival, October 17, viewers will be able to enjoy the ballet "Forest Song" - a diamond of national classical choreography. Created on the grounds of the same name of the drama-witchcraft of the Ukrainian poetess Lesja Ukrainka and presented under the musical motifs of Ukrainian classical Mikhail Skorulsky, who devoted much attention to Volyn folklore in this work.

Choreography, costumes, scenery, music of the ballet "Forest Song" are permeated with the Ukrainian spirit and, as the best, without words, tell about Ukraine.

The main roles will be performed by the most beautiful pair of Ukrainian ballets - premieres of the National Opera of Ukraine Oleksandr Stoyanov and Ekaterina Kuhar.

The third day of the festival, October 18, is represented by the loudest premiere of the last season (2018), the neoclassical ballet "Children of the Night" ("Children of the Night") - a new breath in modern Ukrainian choreography. The production of the choreographer and actor Staatsbalett Berlin Alexander Abdukarimov, for music - Antonio Vivaldi and Max Richert "Seasons".

The main parties are the premiere of the National Opera of Ukraine Oleksandr Stoyanov and Kateryna Kuhar and the artist Staatsbalett Berlin Alexander Abdukarimov.


Representatives of the world's best ballet schools will be on stage:

- Peter Conti and Eris Nezha, (La Scala)
- Katerina Kuhar and Oleksandr Stoyanov (Kyiv National Opera of Ukraine)
- Kerr Jeremy-Lou (Paris Opera Garnier)
- Adaman Bakhtiar (theater "Astana Opera")
- Joseph Gatti (Boston Ballet)
- Anna Sofia Scheller (New York City Ballet and San Francisco Ballet)
- Alexander Abdukarimov (Staatsbalett Berlin)

and artists of the National Opera of Ukraine.