17 September 2019, Tue. 20:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
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from 37.33 EUR
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Balthazar in Kyiv - photo #1 Balthazar у Києві
Balthazar in Kyiv - photo #2 Balthazar у Києві афіша
Balthazar in Kyiv - photo #3 Balthazar у Києві квитки
Balthazar in Kyiv - photo #4 Balthazar у Києві на concert.ua

About event

Why should you go to Balthazar concert?

1. For three years we caught them separately, and now they come back together.
2. There will be many strange dances and warm musical hugs.
3. If you are not yet Balthazar fan - come to the concert and correct this misunderstanding!

Balthazar goes to Kyiv with a new album!

In February 2016, strong cultural ties between Belgium and Ukraine were established - just then, in the capital, the indie rockers Balthazar appeared for the first time. For three and a half years in the band in our country added fans who were waiting for a concert.

Balthazar is finally returning to Kyiv with a presentation of the new Fever album, which is considered the best in the discography of the band. Date and place of the meeting - September 17, Club Bel'etage.

Fever came out in January this year and became the first album in Belgian discography for the first four years. During this time, Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere have been rewarded with side projects by J. Bernardt and Warhaus, which, by the way, played in Ukraine several times.

The whole experience of musical experiments, Deprez and Devoldere, were invested in Fever. As a result, a mixture of J. Bernardt's dance and Warhaus's sexual languor came out. But this only benefited Balthazar. Fever has earned the first place in Belgium, and the tour was bought by arenas in western Europe in a few days.

This is not surprising. Because Balthazar has all the options - a group that is attractive to everyone. For music lovers, for critics, for those who collect vinyl. Even for glossy editions. So, despite its indie-fate, the band retains a chic and style that attracts the attention of editors from the world of fashion.

In Kyiv, the band will play not only songs from Fever, but also their biggest hits - from Bunker to Do Not Claim Them Anymore. The heat will be not only on the street, but also in the Bel'etage Hall, because fans of the group know - their tracks and the atmosphere they create during the show, warming up better than any blanket.