Baroque under the starry sky

31 March 2020, Tue. 19:30
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR

About event

Baroque under the starry sky in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-03-31 в 19:30 on the Kyiv Planetarium, Kyiv.
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ARTSpace art project of the Kiev Planetarium presents a new full-domed 360 ﹾ music show - Baroque under the starry sky!

It is time to meet the wonderful music of the Baroque era, immersed in the wonderful sounds born under the pen of famous European composers such as: JS Bach, KF Bach, GF Handel, AL Vivaldi, DB Pergolesi, MS Berezovsky.

Your imagination will take you to the seventeenth century, so far and so enticing. You will feel the composers' attitude towards sound and harmonization.

At the concert you will hear playing such baroque musical instruments as:

harpsichord, ancient musical instrument, father of piano
flute, wind instrument
- a violin, a stringed musical bow instrument

The arias of baroque operas and cantatas will be performed by unsurpassed soloists who have the voice type of color mezzo-soprano and lyric-color soprano.


harpsichord - Oksana Slipchenko
flute - Sophia Khreshchuk
violin - Oksana Gavrachinska
vocals - Lydia Yakovenko, Evgeniya-Amadeya Edelweiss

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