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About event

The performance "Baby Boom" will take place in Ukrainian cities in the fall of 2024.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Baby Boom"?

  1. Bright modern comedy about love.
  2. A complex and dynamic plot.
  3. A guarantee of a good mood from a pleasant viewing.

Comedy performance "Baby Boom"

"Baby Boom" is a spectacular musical performance based on the play by Jean Letraz. As part of the production group:
  • director-producer Zoryana Tsvyk;
  • choreographer Olga Semyoshkina;
  • producer Oleg Shpanchuk.
The roles are performed by: People's Artists of Ukraine Volodymyr Goryanskyi, Tamara Yatsenko; Honored Artist of Ukraine Serhii Kalantay; Kristina Sinelnyk, Serhiy Kuchera, Oleksandr Mykhaylov, Natalia Kuchera, Anastasia Lemish.

Events that make your head spin, on the stage of your city

The home of a soap business leader named Edmond Fontange becomes the center of stormy events. His son says he wants to get married instead of studying. Dad doesn't like it, of course, but! It turns out that the young son already has a baby, as reported by the charming Lulu. Now the young Lovelas needs to solve difficult problems - to find the money to pay off Lulu and hide the truth from his father. A sister comes to help the husband, who suddenly announces that she too has a baby! This does not reduce the confusion, so the development of events becomes completely unpredictable. Come and enjoy a light, fun performance in the company of family and friends! Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets to the performance "Baby Boom"?

You can buy tickets online right now on the Concert.ua website.