White acacia

11 November 2018, Sun. 16:00
from 1.00 EUR
from 1.00 EUR

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In the year of its 70th anniversary, the Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy. M. Vodyanoy represents the legendary operetta, staged in 1956 on our stage and became the hallmark of the theater. "White Acacia" for Odessa Musical Comedy - as "The Seagull" for the Moscow Art Theater.

“The idea of ​​the“ White action ”arose in May 1954, when I. Dunaevsky came to Odessa with librettans Vladimir Mass and Mikhail Chervinsky. “We walked through the streets and dreamed,” recalled I. Grinshpun. - We dreamed of a new operetta, we even found a yard where the action will take place. The old Odessa courtyard, many neighbors, where everyone shares the grief and joy that occurs in each family ... This is how the White Acacia was born. We were looking forward to it, because it was the “Odessa material” ... From the first days of coming to Odessa, which so hospitably accepted us, we wanted to dedicate the performance to this city, sung many times, covered with romance. In Odessa, romance was always personified by the sea and the sailors, and in the 1950s whalers were the main sea heroes. The departure and return from the voyage of the Slava flotilla gathered in the port and on Primorsky Boulevard not only relatives and friends, but also tens of thousands eager to see with their own eyes this magnificent sight. Unlike official dates, these were truly national holidays. Therefore, the authors decided to make whalers the heroes of the new operetta. ” (A. Galyas "Today and forever")

In 1957, according to the performance, the film was shot, which was released on May 12, 1958, after which “the theater became the leader of its art form. Mikhail Vodyanoy became the one who in ancient times was called the “favorite of the public”. And Tony's song about Odessa became at first informal, and from August 25, 2011, the official anthem of the city. This song is forever “linked” with the voice of Idalia Ivanova ... ”

The legendary operetta, the star cast of artists (5 folk artists of Ukraine), the amazing music of Isaac Dunaevsky and the intoxicating aroma of white acacia - all this awaits our viewers!

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