White Nights

14 - 16 June 2019 20:00
Art-zavod Platforma Kyiv, Belomorskaya 1
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from 16.67 EUR
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About event

Dance Event "White Nights" will be held on June 14 and 15, 2019 at the Art Plant Platforma.

Beautiful people, crazy ideas, thousands of lights, bittersweet cocktails, a splash of metafan in the green grass, new rhythms at every turn, the art of scenery and the atmosphere.

In a programme:
- 5 scenes
- 120 artists
- Show ballet performances
- Foodcorts from Ulichnaya eda
- Acrobat show
- Thematic Photo Zones
- Battle school Hip-Hop night
- Graphic design by Skilz.tv

Together we wait patiently for the summer to make sure once again: behind the curtains - a white and white night. It includes feelings louder, fills the eyes with brilliance and turns us into madmen, relying only on music, love and dreams.

Matisse & Sadko

In the arsenal of Matisse & Sadko there are already 6 festival "Bengiers", created together with DJ No.1 Martin Garrix ("Mistaken", "Break Through The Silence", "Dragon", “Together“, “Forever”), as well as collaborations with Steve Angello (“SLVR“) and Tiesto (“Dawnbreaker”).

Their collaboration with Martin Garrix called “Forever”, became the 2017 anthem dance anthem.

Elderbrook (live)

Elderbrook is the co-author of the hit “Cola” and the nominee for the Grammy Award 2018. He writes music according to the principle: “I have to do something I have never heard.” Can you imagine techno and house music with the sound of breaking glasses or cracking ice in warm coffee? And Elderbrook works like this.

Tube & berger

Remix Tube & Berger on the hit “E Samba” became the leader of the charts and one of the best-selling tracks on Beatport in 2018. The guys entered the top Billboard Dance Radio Chart, founded their own label Kittball Records and perform at the best venues in the world.

Reinier Zonneveld (live)

Reinier Zonneveld is an artist who captured the stage with his unique look at techno music. He managed to conquer the sympathy of the listeners, thanks to his hit “Things we Might Have Said”, which, along with the album, got into production in Hollywood.