Stars DOC. Bergman

20 September 2018, Thu. 19:30
Butterfly DeLuxe Red Kyiv, Antonovycha St, 50
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

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We present the first film of the project "Stars DOC" - a documentary saga about the outstanding director Ingmar Bergman, which premiered at the International Cannes Film Festival - 2018.

Bergman is a true creator! He has staged more than 170 theater productions and 60 films, produced a number of books, created his own Cinematograph film studio, and he also has nine children, five official wives and several hobbies.

The famous filmmakers, from Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen to Michael Haneke, consider him an absolute director, as Bergman made his cinema and his whole life a unique work! The documentary "Bergman" maximally reveals the whole truth about the Swedish genius.

This is the story of a man, father, lover, director, whose films and performances are recognized as unconditional masterpieces in world art history. In the documentary, shot to the 100th anniversary of Bergman, the fragments of his paintings, a unique chronicle, interviews with relatives, colleagues, friends and loved ones.

The documentary film "Bergman" is shown in Ukrainian.

The "Stars of DOC" project is a series of the latest documentary films about outstanding contemporary creators! Art, cinema, theater, music, science - the best documentary films of the world rolled now in Ukraine!

In October, Tom Wolfe's documentary "Maria to Callas" will also be released on big screens, which is entirely based on unknown video and film materials about the greatest opera diva of the 20th century. And at the end of the year - a new documentary story "Madonna and Breakfast Club".

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