Berlin.Odessa.Jazz | Jazz Wheel

27 November 2019, Wed. 19:00
Urban Music Hall Odessa, Rishelievska Street, 33
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from 6.67 EUR
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About event

Berlin.Odessa.Jazz | Jazz Wheel Happy Instant

About the concert program:

Happy Instant is a unique concert program that includes original compositions by Ukrainian jazz composer and bass player Igor Zakus. Musicians from Poland and Austria join the program.

About musicians:

Igor Zakus (Ukraine) - bass

Ukrainian jazz composer, bass player. Founder and participant of the Jazz Kolo project.

Casper Smolinski (Poland) is a chromatic harmonica

Atilla Müll (Austria) - guitar

Austrian guitarist Atilla has been playing since he was 14 years old. Inspired by Billy Holiday and John Coltrane. He teaches guitar for students from Ukraine, India, Hong Kong, UAE and performs in different countries around the world.

Adam Zagorski (Poland) - drums

Special guest - Alexey Petukhov (piano)

Unique implementation of the Happy Instant program - an opportunity to learn how Polish and Austrian jazzmen feel the music of the Ukrainian composer