Bez obmezhen

23 April 2018, Mon. 19:00
Palace of Culture "Listopad" Poltava, Oktyabrskaya Street 58
from 4.00 EUR
from 4.00 EUR


Bez obmezhen in Poltava - photo #1 Без обмежень у Полтаві
Bez obmezhen in Poltava - photo #2 Без обмежень у Полтаві афіша
Bez obmezhen in Poltava - photo #3 Без обмежень у Полтаві квитки
Bez obmezhen in Poltava - photo #4 Без обмежень у Полтаві на

About event

Why is it worth to go to the concert of the band "Bez obmezhen"?

1. Courageous men who have won many hearts with their sincerity and ability to frankly share their feelings, will give a concert in your city
2. Every performance "Without the Mist" is a frantic stream of energy and emotions that are difficult to describe in words
3. From the first chords they lead the audience and do not let go of their captivity until the very end of the performance

"Bez obmezhen" is sent to the second part of the tour with a new single "Hochesh".

Do not have time to calm down the emotions from the last round "No need", and courageous guys go to a new one! This time the musicians promise to visit new cities of Ukraine with their single "Hochesh". It's about this that they were actually begged by fans who were not lucky enough to meet with the idols during the last tour!

Recall, the release of the single is scheduled for the spring, so a series of new concerts - an opportunity for fans to be the first to know what the band is preparing for which, as is known, there are no barriers in the music world. In addition, the bright tour program includes favorite hits from past albums, for example, "DICHUT", "5 Hvilin" and others.

Do not miss! Sergey Tanchinets and his friends are waiting for you!

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24 August 2020 20:00

NSC Olimpiyskiy, Kyiv

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from 5 EUR

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