Guilty without guilt

15 August 2019, Thu. 18:30
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from 1.33 EUR
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“Guilty without guilt” - musical in 2 acts based on the play of A. Ostrovsky of the same name, music - A. Kulygin, libretto and poems - G. Kotov

The focus is on the character of a strong and strong-willed woman who can rise spiritually after the heavy blows of fate.

For many years she lived with constant inner pain, but she could withstand, despite all the misfortunes, and realize herself in the works. She became a famous, talented actress. All the pain, once experienced in her youth, she embodied on stage.

There is also an opposite character in the play, its antipode is the former favorite person and the father of her son Grisha. This melodramatic villain! He is the only one whom Kruchinina will never forgive.

But in the end, everything ends well and according to the laws of the genre: a vice is punished, and kindness is rewarded.