02 - 04 August 2019 08:00
Monastery Island Dnipro, park them. Shevchenko
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Bezviz Island Festival in Dnipro - photo #1 Bezviz Island Festival у Дніпрі

About event

Why go to the Bezviz Island Festival?

1. Fresh format: workshops, contests, play areas for children and adults, food courts, health food market, cafes, bars, beaches, lounge areas, sports fields, a yacht club.
2. Unique location. The festival will be held on the island and get to which you can also take a water taxi.
3. Cross-cultural. Justifying its name, the festival aims to acquaint visitors with the culture of various countries. Collaboration with embassies.

Remember this name now - in the summer it will be mainstream! BezViz Festival in Dnipro - a new name on the musical map of Ukraine.

First of all BezViz is a unique location.

2000 square meters surrounded by water and filled with current music of Ukrainian and foreign artists. On an island without visas and borders, you will find a national flavor of various countries of the world: delicious traditional food and drinks, bright showcases and plenty of entertainment for you and your family.

Participants of the festival:
- Lordi, a Finnish English hard rock band, winners of the Eurovision Song Contest and owners of the “great and terrible” title. These guys are horrified by their appearance, and the music complements this image. Burning mixture of masks, costumes and hard rock makes an indelible impression on people. They are either loved or not understood at all - there is no third.

- Zardonic, Venezuelan keyboard player, DJ, musician, producer, best known for his musical projects in such genres as drum and bass, dark ambient, black metal and minimal techno.

- Boombox, these guys can be easily recognized from the first line ... "Boombox" is one of the most popular and interesting bands in Ukraine.

- 5nizza, a Kharkov musical duet performing hip-hop, reggae and funk songs. Spontaneous performances at KaZantipe brought fame to the band, and their debut album, recorded at home, sold around the country on pirated CD discs before official release.

- Latexfauna, a dream-pop band in our country. One of its features is the use of a surzhik in the texts. Latexfauna was created three years ago. The team began as a student hobby, but now it is a successful project, which occupies the top lines of the charts.

- Victor Pavlik and Pavlik OverDrive, at the end of 2015, a group gathered to make a program of Victor Pavlik's songs for 25 years of his creative activity. The best popular songs of the artist were chosen from the time of the group "Anna Maria" to the present. The program was made in the style of pop hard rock.

- Crazy Town is the brainchild of such well-known figures as Bret "Epic" Mazur and Seth "Shifty" Binzer. The birthplace of the group was the City of Angels. Hip-hop in the style of "rock," - so defined the style of music Crazy Town producer of the team Shifty Shellshock.

- Pianoboy is a special talent, pushing the frame and breaking stereotypes. Not only young people, but also an older listener, enjoy going to his surprisingly powerful musical and energetic concerts.

- YUKO, Ukrainian group, combining in his work folklore and electronic music. In 2016, Yulia Yurina and Stas Korolev met at the sixth season of the Voice of the Country show, in which both participated. At the initiative of the show coach Ivan Dorn, together they decided to create their own music, combining folklore and electronic music in the genre of folktronic.

- Space Of Variations, ukrainian metalcore group from Vinnitsa. Appeared in 2009. In the late summer of 2010, the group suspended its activities. The “new life” of the group began in 2015 in the original first syllable. Over time, changes occurred in the rhythm section of Space of Variations, and were joined by brothers Brother Timofey (drum) and Anton (bass) Kasatkin. This is really the "golden" and the most productive composition of the group.

- Kurgan and Agregat, a team that brought surzhik to a new level, and actively promotes rural culture in the Ukrainian show business.

- Epolets, Ukrainian indie band from Odessa. On their account - four studio albums, participation in the show X-Factor and the title of "the most festival group in Ukraine." The musicians have come a long way from the cover band to one of the most popular bands in the country.

- DETACH, Alternative rock band from Kiev met in 2010 and at the same time showed its first EP "Without GMOs". Two years later, the group released longplay "Balance". In 2015, the musicians raise funds through the crowdfunding platform and release the album "I AM", with which real success has come to them (they are performing at two Kyiv concerts).

- Vivienne Mort, Ukrainian music band, founded in 2010 by vocalist, songwriter and compositor in Kyiv, Daniela Zayushkina. During its existence, the band has released 6 albums, the latest of which, "Experience", is named the best Ukrainian album of 2018 according to the version of the cultural Internet publications Karabas.Live and LiRoom.

PS The festival was created by the Cultural Capital team in partnership with the organizers of one of the country's largest music festivals, the Faine Misto festival.