Snow White with Ekaterina Kukhar

5 June 2020, Fri. 18:00
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from 3.00 EUR
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Snow White with Ekaterina Kukhar in Rivne - photo #1 bilosnizhka-rivne_rovenskiy-akademicheskiy-ukrainskiy-muzykalno-dramaticheskiy-teatr_070420201800_536
Snow White with Ekaterina Kukhar in Rivne - photo #2 bilosnizhka-rivne_rovenskiy-akademicheskiy-ukrainskiy-muzykalno-dramaticheskiy-teatr_070420201800_689
Snow White with Ekaterina Kukhar in Rivne - photo #3 bilosnizhka-rivne_rovenskiy-akademicheskiy-ukrainskiy-muzykalno-dramaticheskiy-teatr_070420201800_209
Snow White with Ekaterina Kukhar in Rivne - photo #4 bilosnizhka-rivne_rovenskiy-akademicheskiy-ukrainskiy-muzykalno-dramaticheskiy-teatr_070420201800_782
Snow White with Ekaterina Kukhar in Rivne - photo #5 bilosnizhka-rivne_rovenskiy-akademicheskiy-ukrainskiy-muzykalno-dramaticheskiy-teatr_070420201800_603

About event

Attention! Event rescheduled from 07.04 to 05.06. All tickets remain valid on the new date.

On june 5, the main event of summer is on the stage of the Rivne musical drama theater! Ekaterina Kukhar in the ballet "Snow White"!

(Ekaterina Kukhar) Ekaterina Kukhar - prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine, People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of international competitions. She is invited to dance to the best ballet scenes in the world, and in Ukraine, thanks to her name, ballet art has more fans. Ekaterina Kukhar is a symbol of modern Ukrainian ballet. She draws with her body every detail in the dance neatly and beautifully, from turning her head to her fingertips, and her dramatic talent will help the viewer literally live with her ballerina the story of her characters.

About the performance

The performance is based on the plot of the famous work of the storytellers of the Brothers Grimm. So - be sure to wait for the fun and exciting adventures of the beautiful Snow White, as well as meetings with her important dwarf friends.

Snow White, who received such a name for her delicate skin, became an orphan as a child and was not fond of fate in the future: the girl was brought up by an envious stepmother. But this is a good old fairy tale! This means that the evil forces will not feast long, the victory will be for good and friendship.

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