11 November 2018, Sun. 19:00
from 3.18 EUR
from 3.18 EUR

About event

Why go to the play "Intimacy"?

1. Try to unravel the tumultuous relationship of the main characters.
2. With a head plunge into an extraordinary and dynamic plot of the production.
3. Experience bright emotions and get unforgettable impressions of going to the theater.

Kiev Theater of Drama and Comedy invites to the play "Intimacy". Frankly about the modern relationship of men and women. Do not miss!

The statement tells about the features of married life on the example of two couples. Moreover, their stories are intricately intertwined in the performance, forming unexpected knots... You will meet a young master of the pen, Dan, seduced by the bright stripper Alice. Moreover, a young writer would love to start a love affair with Anna, a fashion photographer. There is still such a macho Larry. Anna is his girlfriend, but the guy has time to meet Alice too.

Such a confusion, which lovers cannot figure out on their own. Then they converge, then part. And all this has a mixed effect on the relationship... Not having the desired is a problem. But even more sadness is not to understand what you need. Wanting to experience the thrill, the characters lie to each other, endlessly manipulating feelings. Truth is no longer to be found, and it is not worth it: the denouement is close. And she will surprise you! Director - Tamara Trunova. See you!

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