10 March 2019, Sun. 19:00
MonteRay Live Stage Kyiv, Prorizna 8
from 19.39 EUR
from 19.39 EUR


Blood red shoes in Kyiv - photo #1 Blood Red Shoes у Києві
Blood red shoes in Kyiv - photo #2 Blood Red Shoes у Києві афіша
Blood red shoes in Kyiv - photo #3 Blood Red Shoes у Києві квитки

About event

Why go to the Blood Red Shoes gig?

1. To hear one of the most unusual rock duos of the last ten years, composed of the beautiful Laura Mary Carter and the charismatic Stephen Ensell.
2. How should I send and dance to the Blood Red Shoes brand indie-punk rock?
3. Check out the first album in five years called Get Tragic Live, which, according to the musicians, will be completely different from all previous ones.

Blood Red Shoes (UK) will come to Ukraine for the first time with the presentation of the new album Get Tragic!

The music industry knows quite a few guitar-drum duets, but the British Blood Red Shoes stand out from their background, because the story of their existence is really dramatic. Even the first album in five years they called Get Tragic. And with him they will perform for the first time in the capital on March 10 at the Monte Ray Live Stage.

Blood Red Shoes are Stephen Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter. They began to play together after their own teams broke up. All decided to jam session in Berlin. Laura took the guitar, and Ansell - the drums. Vocal divided equally. At the same time they came up with the name of the group. They were inspired by the actress Ginger Rogers, who in one of the musicals danced so that she was cutting her legs and spilling blood on her shoes.

The first album, Box Of Secrets , was released in 2008 and the drama began from that moment: the release leaked to the network six months before the release. With the second disc, Fire Like This (2010) , the same story happened.

They made friends with Foals on a joint tour and always get "respect" from them. Published on the label of Richard Branson V2 Records along with such artists - The Black Keys, Stereophonics, The White Stripes. Cult radio host Zane Lowe always put them in his rotation - as in the BBC, in Beats 1, right in prime time. Director Edgar Wright is so crazy about them that he took their song to the official soundtrack of the movie "Scott Pilgrim Against All".

Ansell and Carter seem to follow all the rules of their format. But at the same time they sound a little different: damp and aggressive, but at the same time rhythmically and melodiously. They are not interested in two-minute punk action films. But the detailed tracks without brakes with tenacious texts and riffs about which you can break your fingers is another matter.

Every time the thought comes that the Blood Red Shoes will not surprise - they surprise. This time, its return. The album Get Tragic musicians promise a lot of experimentation and try to move away from their usual sound. Work on the new studio has taken a lot of time. Stephen Ansell in his Instagram said that the group was on the verge of collapse after four plates and endless tours:

"Over the past five years, a lot has happened. Laura and I put up and fought, which almost ruined the group. Several managers threw us. Laura broke her arm while riding a moped. We could not agree with her how Blood Red Shoes would sound on the new album That was the first time, it seems. We went bankrupt, because we spent all the money on a lawyer - one person really didn’t want this release to ever see the light. Well, individually, we experienced so much shit ... Get Tragic was originally our inner a joke about the rich people of los angeles but when we're behind We finished the album, we understood that we ourselves are still a tragedy. "

Now Blood Red Shoes is doing fine. Steven and Laura found mutual understanding, their January club tour is almost completely sold out. And Kiev is already looming ahead. So get ready for the drama.

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