25 February 2019, Mon. 20:00
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 36.36 EUR
from 36.36 EUR


About event

Why should you go to Blue October concert?

1. To hear a new, optimistic, always melancholy altorker sound.
2. Sing (scream) your favorite song Hate Me.
3. This long-awaited concert will make you happy!

Blue October will play in Kiev!

We have been waiting for this special concert for many years. And on February 25th, Blue October will finally return to Kyiv in the framework of I Hope You're Happy Tour. The album was released in August 2018, and next year musicians will represent it in Europe.

The Blue October band was created in 1995 by the lead singer and lead author Justin Furstenfeld, his brother Jeremy and multiinstrumentalist Ryan Delahus. For the first time, the team worked hard in the underground Hangout, Houston, honed its sound, and in 1998 released The Answers album. It was then that they were discovered by former Kid Rock manager Michael Rand, who organized numerous appearances for them to learn about the whole country. Tireless tours have succeeded - in 1999, Blue October signed a contract with Universal Records, which allowed the band to climb to the top of the charts.

Calling You - a track that was released in 2003 and was a great success on the radio. For a long time he was the most listened to the Blue October track, until the 2006 release of the single Hate Me. Both songs were written for the then-female vocalist Maimy, whose relationship was affected by Justin's singer's drug addiction. This track was on the second stage of the chart of alternative songs from Billboard. In 2007, the Calling You video was nominated as the best international video award for the MuchMusic Video Award.

One of the most famous tracks of the band is Say It - released in April 2009, it became the fifth song of the Blue October, which hit the top 40 Modern Rock at 29th position.

Since the first record, 20 years have passed and seven albums have been released, and Blue October have released their ninth LP I Hope You're Happy. After the release of the original Home Plot in 2016, the expectations of the new release were very high. Blue October has always been able to write emotional songs that are responsive to a wide audience. The new album I Hope You're Happy turned out to be more optimistic - rock music has crossed in with indie, pop music and mood of the 80's.

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