Bodo Schaefer. Financial freedom. The laws of the winners

13 September 2018, Thu. 10:00
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from 74.39 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to a meeting with Bodo Schaefer?

1. Practical advice of a person who made a million from scratch
2. Recommendations and effective cases that teach you to think differently
3. Invited speakers with years of experience

Bodo Schaefer is the No. 1 financial advisor in Europe, an incomparable positioning and financial management practice, entrepreneur, lecturer. Bodo Schaefer is sure - success is determined not by chance and not by happy coincidences, but by the correctly chosen positioning strategy.

Do you still believe in destiny and are in chaos? Set this aside for later! Now only analysis and clear algorithms of action.

• Sales technology to work on your terms. When a client is willing to pay you exactly as much as you stand.
• Tools for creating your positioning strategy.
• Tactics and strategies on how to occupy and maintain a leading position in your niche.
• Step-by-step instructions for correct positioning of the company and its products.

And this is only a small part of what an ingenious strategist is ready to share with you.