Big commotion in a small town

9 December 2019, Mon. 19:00
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR

About event

A big commotion in a small town in Kiev! We are waiting for you from 2019-12-09 at 19:00 on the site of the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kiev.
You can buy tickets for the Big Trouble in a small town on online. And also place an order with courier delivery or pick up the order on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (on the eve of the event, these methods become unavailable).

Want to get billions from the EU? How? Ask the Krushontsi! Banana plantations, numerous herds of cattle and small livestock, the successful fight against crime and the complete elimination of illiteracy, the young - the road, veterans - the honor!

You do not know who the Krušonets are and where the marvelous city of Krušon is located? Let's open the secret - at the headquarters of the European Union they also don’t know this ...

The audience of the comedy “Big Trouble in a Small Town” is waiting for a real master class on attracting huge capital, developing grant programs and creating incredible projects at the expense of the European Union. As part of the coach team:

  • resourceful and inventive mayor of Kryushon (favorite of the public - Vladimir Goryansky),
  • Clotilde's irreplaceable secretary - the mayor of economic fantasies (charming Ruslana Pisanka),
  • a person without age, social status and just a relative of Andre (Yuri Felipenko).

And they will have to pass the exam to an inspector from Brussels - the strict, cynical, incorruptible bureaucrat Flapi (Max Maksimyuk). Survival Exam! Indeed, for every cent from the European Union, it is necessary to fight not for life, but for death.

We promise a good mood, a lot of humor, and a couple of financial life hacks.

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes with intermission. The language of the performance is Russian.

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